Leader Italia

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Zirconia aesthetic abutment RP

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  zirconiorp-4      zirconiorp assemb 3.5

Leader Italia system is composed by three separated elements:
titanium base, zirconia abutment and titanium passing screw.


zirconiorp expl 3.5-4.0

- The hex of the golden gr. 5 titanium base is positioned on the analog and fixed with the passing screw, also in gr. 5 titanium, thus creating a solid structure between implant and base and assuring  high structural strength to masticatory loads.

On this structure, the zirconia abutment (straight or pre-angled) is positioned; its anatomical design offers aestethic, natural-looking results and the 360° rotation possibility allows a precise positioning.  


Design by Romeo Pascetta

See the step-by-step operative procedure

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